As the UK works towards a goal of Net Zero carbon emissions, the importance of sustainable energy is increasing. Most roof space across the country is an un-tapped solar resource. NWT Energy are industry leaders at realising this potential and helping companies achieve favourable returns on any investment.

Michal Galda, Managing Director, NWT Energy

Established in 2010, NWT Energy has risen to be an industry leader in large roof solar installations and maintenance across the UK. We have forged a reputation for high quality, technically advanced systems that perform optimally and make reliable returns for our clients’ investments.

We only use the highest quality components and we stay abreast of the latest technological advancements to guarantee our systems have optimised performance and a maximum lifetime. We build long-term relationships with our clients and this helps us all to plan for a more sustainable future.

By focusing on land or property owners in the commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and government sectors, we have developed a range of solutions that are reducing carbon emissions across the UK. NWT Energy is proud to be part of an environmentally friendly solution.

Michal Galda, Managing Director

Michal is the co-founder of NWT Energy and formed the company in 2010 as an independent, UK-based counterpart to NWT Europe. He saw an opportunity to offer the UK market the benefits of NWT’s long-standing R&D investment and installation experience on the continent. With a masters degree in International Political Economics from Leeds University, Michal has a background in finance and international trade. He leads the NWT Energy team and has a proven record of delivering the best possible return on investment to his clients.

Tim Haffenden, Special PV Projects

Tim is the other co-founder of NWT Energy and brings the technical know-how to the company. With a degree in Environmental Engineering and Resources Management from Nottingham University, Tim has an in-depth understanding of solar power generation from a decade of experience in the field. Tim is a fully qualified electrician and G99 relay tester, giving him exceptional expertise to work closely with all the distribution network operators to facilitate the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Program (ALoMCP) adjustments on PV systems across the UK. Tim travels the length and breadth of the country visiting client sites to ensure all work is carried out to NWT’s very high standards.

Gary Haines, Sales Director

Gary joined NWT Energy in 2012 and has immersed himself in the field of solar installations, operations and strategies. He has become a champion for the company’s development and future direction. Gary joined NWT Energy with extensive experience as an electrician. He has since worked across different positions within the company including installation engineer, contract management, project operations and now sales, and fully understands the diverse and complex aspects of the company. His mission is to create opportunities for his clients to develop solar projects and promotes both return on investment and carbon reduction goals, but he is most proud of the ecological and environmental improvements that renewable energy offers.