Choosing solar is an investment in a sustainable future that also provides great financial reward. If you have a commercially sized roof space or land area, speak to the experts at NWT Energy to see how you can provide your business with green energy and reduce your operational costs. Every site is unique, so the right system design will be essential to maximise solar power generation.

This will offset electricity bought from the grid, as well as selling any excess back to the grid. The UK aims to have Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings will increase over time, driving increased demand for green energy. Businesses and commercial operations will therefore see the benefits of installed solar PV systems increase over the coming decades as these changes take effect.

The true potential of your site for solar power generation can be calculated by our experienced engineers. Contact us for a proposal and we will commission an extensive survey, in consultation with your local authority and the national grid. With health and safety as a priority, we will put together a customised, comprehensive system design and ensure that you understand every aspect and benefit of solar power generation on your building or land.

We only use high quality components, so your system will last for 25-30 years. Financial return varies between 10-17% and NWT Energy use the latest technology to ensure this is continually verified and maximised to your advantage.

Our goals are to forge long-term relationships, build a sustainable future and create financial reward for our clients. Working with NWT Energy ensures the process is straightforward and efficient – we have highly skilled engineers ready to work on your installation. Look at our case studies for a portfolio of previous projects, showcasing our diverse capabilities.

Carbon reduction strategies have increased in importance in recent years, as global initiatives are aimed at decarbonisation and tackling climate change. We believe that large-scale renewable energy projects will help to meet the challenges we all share as we seek new ways to reduce our CO2 emissions, reach a valuable return on investment and create a more sustainable future.

Gary Haines, Sales Director, NWT Energy
Installing solar PV systems with specialist equipment.
Delivering renewable energy with return on investment.