High standards

Our focus on large-scale commercial projects has allowed us to develop specific knowledge, recognise and overcome challenges and provide solutions for our individual clients. The installation of the solar system is just the beginning, we develop long-term relationships, ensure ongoing system management and only use proven components and system designs to ensure maximum efficiency and relevance to our customers’ needs.

We are always looking ahead to new technology and can use the latest developments to adapt, update and upgrade our clients’ investments for the best results.

Full responsibility

NWT Energy takes full responsibility for the operation and management of their solar installations, assigning you a dedicated contact for all your queries. We administer your system and electricity billing as well as ensure regular maintenance and performance reports.  We will offer enhancements to your system when new technologies become available. 

NWT Energy is your trusted partner for solar, your system will be assembled from the highest quality components and is built to outlive your contract with us.  We will help you plan for future years of solar generation, through our maintenance programme that can be tailored to your needs.

Health and safety

Our priority is health and safety and we design each system to ensure very high standards and protocols are followed.  We are accredited and approved by the leading industry bodies and trade associations.