Regular upkeep is key to maximising the profitability of your solar investment. We continually improve functionality through our maintenance visits, maximising revenue for our clients.

Michal Galda, Managing Director, NWT Energy


Solar PV panels require cleaning to stop lichen and dirt building up. Having your system professionally cleaned at least once a year will maximise performance and financial returns. Our professionals use a high-performance, customised cleaning system that will remove all debris and ensure maximum yield from your installation. Surface dirt on your panels substantially reduces the amount of electricity being generated, so a clean system is a productive system.

Long-term partial shading of PV modules can also cause electrical issues to arise. Minimising this risk is another benefit of periodic cleaning. Book your annual cleaning with NWT Energy and let us ensure your return on investment is maximised.

Download the NWT Energy cleaning brochure for more information.

Monitoring, cleaning and repairing solar PV panels.
Cleaning solar panels to rectify performance issues and ensure they generate to full potential.

Electrical testing

Our experienced engineers carry out all manner of electrical testing to ensure that any issues are identified and rectified promptly. During our visit we physically check all connections and components and assess any defects, which in time can cause significant generation losses followed by potential arcing and fire risk, resulting in substantial system down time.

We check for loose connections as a fire prevention measure and to protect the system from continuous tripping incidents. During the inspection, we check all AC and DC isolators for a wide range of faults and issues to prevent any generation losses reducing your annual income.

On completion of the test, we will issue you with a full inspection report and inform you of any pressing issues, in order of priority. Most insurers are now requesting compliance to a maintenance service contract to ensure your PV system is being annually inspected and maintained. NWT Energy can be your trusted partner to optimise your installation and validate your insurance.

Download the NWT Energy testing brochure for more information.

A system that is tested regularly operates efficiently and any electrical issues can be rectified.


NWT Energy installations are supplied with monitoring technology as standard, allowing you to keep track of the amount of electricity generated, analyse data to establish when the generation has occurred and match energy use with solar generation. This way we can get an overview of how the PV installation is performing and if there are any fault alerts on your system.

Without having a suitable method for identifying issues with a PV system, it is impossible to know whether it is operating as intended. NWT Energy repeatedly encounter systems that contain no monitoring apparatus whatsoever. In many cases substantial revenue has been lost because the owners were not aware of underlying issues with their PV systems.

Monitoring systems give visual representations of system performance that can be used to identify any potential problems immediately. Generation figures can also be directly compared with projections, giving a clear indication of actual versus expected performance. They also have the capability to analyse the performance of inverters and  generate alert emails when there is an issue that requires urgent attention.

Battery storage technology is becoming increasingly efficient and affordable. Data from PV monitoring systems is key to understanding the solar generation profile to ensure battery sizing is correct.

NWT Energy can install a monitoring system on an existing solar installation, enabling you experience all the benefits.

Download the NWT Energy monitoring brochure for more information.

Monitoring technology allows you to keep track of electricity generated and access the performance data.