By facing south, they will generate more electricity over the course of the year, but also means the clear roof sheets are left unobstructed. Also, the site is in the Thames Estuary, which has elevated airborne dust and an excessive amount of bird droppings, so annual cleaning is necessary to ensure the system continues to reach maximum yield.

NWT Energy have spent considerable time and investment identifying the best possible equipment for difficult circumstances like this. Our powered rotating brushes are the most effective way of removing dirt and debris from solar panels in the world, even in hard-to-reach locations. We used 100m hoses attached to the rotating cleaning brush heads, to ensure we could access all areas.

Using the QLEEN rotating brush system we were able to remove the entire layer of dirt and substantially improve the performance of the system – up in this instance by more than 10%.  Cleaning PV panels properly should be undertaken at least annually to ensure that you continue to receive the correct amount of income from your system.