The amount of light reaching the solar panel surface had been depleted, due to a combination of airborne dirt and bird faeces.  The system had become so laden with dirt and debris that the panels required NWT Energy’s specialist cleaning equipment and a biannual cleaning schedule. 

Aside from the obvious reductions in electricity that result from a layer of dirt this thick, leaving panels in this condition will eventually cause hot spot damage and module failure. It would also be problematic to claim for warranty replacements under these circumstances.

Solar PV modules are expected to generate electricity for at least 25 years from the date of installation and can continue for much longer if well maintained.  Your investment can be rendered useless if light can’t reach the panels and generate electricity.

If sunlight can’t reach the silicone, then the panels will never reach the point where they deliver enough electricity to the inverters, which may then also develop issues related to their attempts to re-start continuously. If left to get into this kind of condition, the cleaning process becomes more difficult and time consuming.  With NWT Energy contracted to provide regular, specialist cleaning, the panels have now been returned to good working order and will continue to deliver return on investment for the client.