Winterpick is home to numerous tenants, ranging from utility services contractors to office furniture manufacturers. With various businesses actively using the site, the electricity demand is high and any measures to reduce overheads were welcome. For many, the addition of solar generation also provided an instant PR boost, allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability to potential customers.

NWT Energy undertook a careful inspection, survey and analysis of the site activities and requirements. This process saw us communicating with the local electricity Distribution Network Operator, UK Power Networks, to establish whether the local grid infrastructure was suitable, as well as investigating the practicalities of delivering a solar system on this large scale.

Due to the on-site infrastructure, the NWT Energy professional engineers determined it was necessary to install a bespoke custom-made G59 relay cabinet to make the connection. Even with all this consideration, the NWT Energy team expertly managed the whole installation process and were completed within six weeks. The 250kW system generates 230,000kWh annually, which equates to 70% of all energy used onsite, thus saving the tenants £8395 every year on their electricity bills. The site is now owned by NWT Energy.