Our experienced engineers at NWT Energy will explore creative solutions to find a cost-effective way to install solar systems with minimum disruption to the daily operations of your company or commercial site. With health and safety a fundamental consideration, our engineers will look at the logistics of setup and loading constraints at difficult locations and consider the risks that need to be managed for a successful PV installation.

If you are considering a solar installation but have encountered obstacles such as asbestos roofs, concrete framed buildings, an extra-large scale site or difficult access, contact NWT Energy for an expert consultancy report, as we have successfully dealt with similar challenges before. With specialised equipment, defined safety protocols and resourceful engineers, NWT Energy PV consultancy can create your personalised system design.

Contact us for our full range of services that includes:

  • system design;
  • budget and feasibility studies;
  • tender specifications;
  • project management; and
  • post-installation inspections.

We will also keep you abreast of the latest technologies and how you can continue to maximise your investment into the future. 

Carbon reduction is a key priority for a diverse range of businesses, especially those looking to increase their green credentials and improve their EPC rating. Talk to NWT Energy about a customised solution whatever your site’s challenges and we can advise you how to utilise your roof or land space to invest in a sustainable future. 

We provide a tailored consultancy service, delivering a secure financial investment for our clients, reducing their operational costs and bringing sustainability to the top of the agenda. Ecology and economics can work in harmony and our clients appreciate our personal service, commitment and professionalism.

Gary Haines, Sales Director, NWT Energy
NWT Energy applies its expertise to find solutions for its clients through PV consultancy.
Even in the most difficult locations, NWT Energy will find a cost-effective solution to install a solar system.